Thursday, 6 June 2013

#Juneathon - Day 6

Well I'm sorry but I couldn't stay in on a day like this and to be honest I couldn't be bothered exercising, so in accordance with the Juneathon rules and still being active I went to the seaside and built sandcastles!
Totally against the hospital rules of staying out of the sun, I slapped on my high factor sun cream and went out for a family day, 4 generations of family went on a day trip to Blackpool!

We had such fun, the sea was deceivingly blue and the tide had turned so we bedded down on the steps and left Squiggle to go and paddle in the pool that had formed, we weren't fully prepared as we forgot a towel, but decided that we should dry off quick if we were just paddling our toes.

Nice & dry, just paddling my toes

Unfortunately Squiggle decided he wanted to do more than paddle and subsequently launched himself into the pool and drenched himself from toe to head! My grandma just looked mortified not knowing what I was going to do, fortunately I have a sense of humour and just laughed it off with my mum and Thomas who thought it was hysterical!

Overall we had a fantastic day and had ice cream before coming home, so I think I will definitely walking again tomorrow.

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