Monday, 24 June 2013

#Juneathon Day 24 - Psoriasis update

Up bright and early again this morning for another week of hospital appointments and short walks around the hospital grounds. I'm thinking of getting a tour guides badge with the number of people who stop me for directions to all the various areas, I must look like I belong there!, hopefully for not much longer, I am pleased to report that my psoriasis is looking a lot better after just a few sessions of UVB light treatment and short contact dith.

"put your left leg in" 21st May 2013 - Before
"put your right leg in" 21st May 2013 - Before
24th June 2013 - During
So, so far so good. The redness has gone down and most of the psoriasis is now flat, I haven't any new patches come up so the light treatment is keeping it at bay and the ointment is doing its job on the existing patches. I am very happy that the ointment isn't staining me, but I have ruined a t-shirt in the process, thankfully it was only a cheap vest style t-shirt so cheap enough to replace, unfortunately I have taken to wearing it every time I go to the hospital so the nurses must be thinking I don't have anything else to wear!

Never mind, I have every intention of going shopping for a new wardrobe once my skin is a lot clearer.

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