Tuesday, 25 June 2013

#Juneathon - Day 25, Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to hubby and myself. Today we celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary. Back in 2005 on a sunny Saturday afternoon ( remember when we used to have sunny Saturday afternoons in June? ) we hijacked my parents own wedding anniversary date and tied the knot in a small ceremony in the red room at Towneley Hall. I will post more details about Towneley later on in the week as I am going there on Thursday.

I was showered with flowers this morning off my husband, every anniversary we try to buy something related to that year.

Traditional 8th wedding anniversary gifts are linked to bronze or pottery, modern gifts are lace or linen, the gemstone is aventurine or tourmaline and the flower is Clematis.

So this morning I was surprised to find two large Clematis flowers in the front room off hubby and a nice little potted plant off Squiggle. Hubby has outdone himself this year by not only having the card and gift ready on the actual day of the anniversary but by also having it ready for when I woke up! He usually leaves it to the last minute so I don't get the gift until a week later and I have to wait till tea time for a card! So this year he is in my good books.

Spent the morning entertaining Squiggle at the reservoir, he was so excited by everything, the waterfall, the bridge, the cows sat up in the field. He was beside himself when we fed the ducks, it was as though he'd never done it before. But as is the case when feeding ducks there's always some nasty goose that has to come along and spoil things, so we quickly legged it before it got too close!

Evil Geese

Spent the evening celebrating our anniversary in the pub with my parents who celebrated their 36th anniversary, hmm best start saving for their 40th, suppose a party will be called for, I also fancy doing something special for them, I know my dad has always fancied a trip on the Orient Express or a trip to Las Vegas so I'll start a savings fund and see what I can afford to do in 4 years!

Does anyone have any memorable anniversary stories to share?

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