Thursday, 27 June 2013

#Juneathon Day 27 - Antiques Roadshow

Today was spent mostly standing around waiting.... and waiting.... and waiting... oh and getting wet
The BBC Antiques Roadshow were filming at Towneley Hall in Burnley today so my mum, gran and myself decided to go along with our family heirlooms and see if we could get a valuation.

The day started off nice and sunny and the queue looked as though it was moving so we decided to do what us Brits do best and join the back of it and stand in line.

All was going well until the rain came! Thankfully the BBC provided us all with rain macs so that we wouldn't get too wet whilst waiting, we ended up with bright blue ones which made us resemble smurfs, so to keep our spirits up my mum and myself kept singing the smurf song, granny doesn't know it and doesn't have our sense of humour so just looked at us!!!


 Also seeing the odd person off the telly helped keep our spirits up - local lad Eric Knowles kept wandering past as he was moved from tent to tent to do his valuations and piece to camera, Fiona Bruce also graced us with her presence. I decided that it was now or never, so legged it over to where she was filming and hovered in the back ground, but then I was called to the front because I was shorter than the other people!! I was standing right behind her as she was being filmed - so will keep an eye out for me on the TV - can't miss me remember I look like a smurf!!!

Afterwards I headed back and rejoined the queue for another hour! Eventually we got to our expert - Lars Tharp, after waiting in line for over 4 hours. We were so excited, would our wait pay off?  Were we holding priceless antiques in our arms all this time. Mum went first with her Chines vase, it was mass produced in the 1920's, the gold leaf had come off it over the years, but it was still worth.... £10!, then granny showed off her Royal Doulton Fisherman cup, Lars agreed it was a nice little piece and as it would appeal to both fish memorabilia collectors and Royal Doulton collectors it was worth ..... £20

Still it was a grand day out!

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