Wednesday, 5 June 2013

#Juneathon - Day 5

So today I had a leisurely stroll around the hospital before having my first light treatment session. Unfortunately the sun was shining today so when I got home I had to watch Squiggle run around the garden from the comfort of my dining room. I know I should be glad that the hospital are trying to treat my psoriasis, but condemning me to a Summer indoors when it's the first time the sun has shone in ages...well of course I'm not happy!
Unfortunately Squiggle is too young to understand why 'Mummy' can't play out in the sunshine, so I admit I did go into the garden for an hour in the late afternoon and had an hour of playing tig chase and running around after him.
Then unfortunately all my hard work this week was probably undone with a 3 course meal in a Mexican restaurant with 2 rather nice virgin colada slushies - I had the short straw for driving!

Still I can't complain, I haven't gone back to lying all day on the settee yet!

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