Wednesday, 26 June 2013

#Juneathon -Day 26, brain training

Really couldn't be bothered this morning but I had to get to the hospital. I seriously contemplated using the car park this morning but I couldn't justify the parking fee for an hour so I parked in my usual spot on one of the side roads outside of the hospital grounds and had a slow meander through the hospital.

The afternoon was spent at Wacky Warehouse with Squiggle.  He had a brilliant time hiding in the ball pit.

Can you see me?

The night was spent in my usual spot in the pub for the weekly pub quiz. Sadly it was an epic fail this week.  The killer question took its revenge on us and although we did get 4 right answers we scored no points because of the silly scoring system as the first answer on the grid was wrong.

So can you do any better? Remember - no cheating!

Name 10 of the 13 black actors or actresses to have won an academy award.

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