Tuesday, 4 June 2013

#Juneathon - Day 4 & psoriasis update

I don't think my body knows what's hit it, I woke up again this morning still aching, not my stomach which I thought would be the main culprit - due to me having split rectus abdominis muscles ( split abs or tummy muscles to you & me )  following my horrendous post natal adventure, but my shins, they just felt rock hard and every step I took hurt!

Well I managed to get up and dressed and get to the hospital for my pre PUVA/UVB assessment for my psoriasis. I've had the treatment before but never been called in for a pre assessment. I still had to fill in the same questionnaires as last time but this time they have a hand held light machine that was put on my skin for about a minute. I was told this is so they can test how much light therapy my body can withstand when I first start ( presumably it means I can start off on a higher/longer setting which will help reduce the overall number of sessions I need - I will ask about this tomorrow when I start my course ) I just need to see if I wake up with a burnt square of skin on my back! Although this treatment is a good thing if it clears my skin, it couldn't have come at a worse time, the problem is whilst I am having it, I cannot go out in the sun - and yes you've guessed it, the good weather is set to continue for the next few days, so I either cover up or I stay indoors and that means I can't chase Squiggle!

Still onward and upward as they say and back to the challenge, I can proudly report I did my 2 mile walk again tonight and even shaved a few minutes off my time, completing it in 39 minutes.

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