Wednesday, 19 June 2013

#Juneathon - Days 18 & 19, exercised my mind!

Had a little rest for the last 2 days, well rested my body anyway, did very little yesterday except wandered around town doing a spot of window shopping.

Today however, I still had my usual saunter around the hospital before my psoriasis treatment in the morning, but tonight was quiz night and the Quizee Rascals were reconvening after a 2 week break away. We always meet up on a Wednesday night for Food and Facts in the local pub and have to say despite us thinking we're all a bit thick, do happen to do quite well, and this week was no exception. The quiz follows 6 sections, the first is a picture round, then there's an odd one out round, specialist subject round, family fortunes round, a blockbuster style round and a killer question round.  After the scores were totted up, the Quizee Rascals were tied for 2nd place, so in went Mr H as the tie breaker champion, and he didn't disappoint again.

Second place winnings are £15, so we've made an executive decision to blow the lot on this weeks' lottery and have a syndicate for the Euromillions on Friday - you never know!

So just for fun tonight's tie breaker question was how long is the Limpopo River?  ( no cheating and sorry no prizes, but go on just have a guess ! )

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